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What’s New in Lightroom 3 beta 2 – Video

10 Tips to better photographs – Video [Read More....]

Poll Back up

OK so i had to find A new polling plug-in for the poll the old one was not taking input so the poll is now back up on the lower right hand side of the blog enjoy - David Friend [Read More....]

New Poll

Please feel free to take a moment and fill out our newest poll “What Media is Better?” off on the lower right hand side of my blog. - David Friend [Read More....]

Are you Socialy Networked?

Just found this video on youtube and could not agree more about the message it holds about Social Networking Facts. - David Friend [Read More....]

Renting Camera Gear

So I just found a site that looks to be quite cool, its a site that rents gear online is looking like a cool site and best of all as I am a Sony Alpha shooter  they are one of the only online rental company’s that stock Sony lenses and more, in the past [Read More....]

Go Behind the Scenes

OK so here is a Simple Question for you, If you could have a website where you could find all kinds of Behind the Scenes videos from different photographers Etc. would you Visit/Bookmark/Share ? So Once again while I was on one of the photography forums I frequent I came across a post for the [Read More....]

Macro Filter Sets

Macro Filter Sets

So in late 2009 i picked up a set of 4 55mm magnification filters off of EBay for Cheap, I think I paid like $15.00. So when I got them I tried to use them and well it didn’t work like I had hoped (my fault it turns out) I had mistakenly switched my cameras [Read More....]

The joys of HTML

So its now 1:3 0am  and I have decided to do some work on my *fingers crossed* soon to launch website Grr some times I just wish i had the $$ to pay some one to do it for me LOL -David [Read More....]


Blog now being posed to Facebook via Networkedblogs [Read More....]

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