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Summer challenge

    Okay it’s summertime now so it’s time to get out and start taking some photos start showing the world what’s around you I challenge you to go out and take pictures of things around you but try to show them in a different light, like you kids playing out in the sun your [Read More....]

Main site Re-vamped

I am happy to announce that my main site has been Re Launched and is Currently Live at the above Domain URL, Feel free to let me know what you think of it. [Read More....]

I won AOTW – Awards

I won AOTW – Awards

I just found out that I won AOTW on Model Insider with the 3 images Below My profile can be found on there site here or you can copy and past in this URL: Thank you and have a Great Day, -David Friend [Read More....]

Get us on the Go!

now you can stay up to date with our blog on your Blackberry, Iphone or Android phone by Opening you mobile web browser up and heading on over to our Mobile site @ Thank you for Reading my blog. - David Friend [Read More....]

We are now on

This Blog is now on @ Please feel free to add the feed to your Google Homepage or Many other options they have to keep up to date with this Blog. Thank you, David Friend [Read More....]

My Online Store

I just opened up my Store online the items i have up are kinda Limited I will be adding more soon as i can, feel free to have a look, Comments and Feedback are welcomed Thank you - David Friend [Read More....]

twitter test post

twitter test post [Read More....]

10 Tips to better photographs – Video [Read More....]

Poll Back up

OK so i had to find A new polling plug-in for the poll the old one was not taking input so the poll is now back up on the lower right hand side of the blog enjoy - David Friend [Read More....]

The joys of HTML

So its now 1:3 0am  and I have decided to do some work on my *fingers crossed* soon to launch website Grr some times I just wish i had the $$ to pay some one to do it for me LOL -David [Read More....]