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Summer challenge

    Okay it’s summertime now so it’s time to get out and start taking some photos start showing the world what’s around you I challenge you to go out and take pictures of things around you but try to show them in a different light, like you kids playing out in the sun your [Read More....]

Chase Jarvis Nikon D7000 – Ad

OK so as some of you know I am a big fan of FSTOPPERS.COM and the Video’s and information that there site hold’s so tonight I found a post that they have about the D7000 16 Mega Pixel 1080p Video a great camera for i think Amazon has it on sale for $1900.00 so anyway [Read More....]

I won AOTW – Awards

I won AOTW – Awards

I just found out that I won AOTW on Model Insider with the 3 images Below My profile can be found on there site here or you can copy and past in this URL: Thank you and have a Great Day, -David Friend [Read More....]

How To Make a HDR Image – Video

How To Make a HDR Image – Video

So the Other night i took 4 images of some BNSF Locomotives and Made a HDR Image from the images as seen below, After showing the image to a few People I was asked how i made the HDR image, So I decided to make a Video of how I made this image in the [Read More....]

Product Shooting! – Cookies

Product Shooting! – Cookies

Back in May 2010 I Blogged about how to make a Small Product shooting table, So in this post I would like to show you my use of this Table, so I setup the table on a Flat stable spot and then i set up my lighting, I had one Light Above the Product (Cookies) [Read More....]

Model Sues over Photo!

I Came across this and thought I would pass it along to my Readers. Former fashion model Ann Kirsten Kennis is suing buzz band Vampire Weekend for a cool $2 million, claiming a 1983 photo of her was used in their Contra album cover art without her consent. This should serve as a reminder to [Read More....]

AOTW Win for July 20 2010

AOTW Win for July 20 2010

Today I learned that I won AOTW (Artist of the week) for July 20, 2010 Below are the images I Entered at my profile there is [Read More....]

Ideas for Using Twitter for Business

I came across this Great Link about how to Use Twitter for Business, and while reading i Thought that there would be some ideas in there that could even work for Personal Twittering so please have a look if you would like. Thank you - David Friend [Read More....]

Get us on the Go!

now you can stay up to date with our blog on your Blackberry, Iphone or Android phone by Opening you mobile web browser up and heading on over to our Mobile site @ Thank you for Reading my blog. - David Friend [Read More....]

Lighting with 1 and 2 Light setups – Video

For my Readers that are interested in Lighting Etc. I found these 2 videos that should help you with 1 and 2 light Setups, I hope you Enjoy them. 1 Light Setup 2 Light Setup Thank you - David Friend [Read More....]

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