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Ansel Adam’s – Video

    If you are a fan of Ansel Adam’s Work you may want to check out this video its look at Ansel Adams’ Home and Darkroom. Very much worth the 17 Min to watch.   - David [Read More....]

Trash the Dress! – Videos

Ok so it is Now July and Summer Weddings are in Full Swing. so that got me thinking that it would be the perfect time to do a Trash the dress shoot, one problem i don’t have any dresses to shoot a Trash the dress set so instead I will share some Videos and info [Read More....]

My Online Store

I just opened up my Store online the items i have up are kinda Limited I will be adding more soon as i can, feel free to have a look, Comments and Feedback are welcomed Thank you - David Friend [Read More....]

10 Tips to better photographs – Video [Read More....]

Macro Filter Sets

Macro Filter Sets

So in late 2009 i picked up a set of 4 55mm magnification filters off of EBay for Cheap, I think I paid like $15.00. So when I got them I tried to use them and well it didn’t work like I had hoped (my fault it turns out) I had mistakenly switched my cameras [Read More....]