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70 – 210 lens

The other day i found a Minolta lens at a local pawn show, it was a nice looking 70 – 210 (Not the beer can) so i get it home and i hook it up to the Camera and the Auto Focus did not work. you could hear it trying to but the servo in [Read More....]

On my wish List!

so in a NEVER ending quest to better my Photography and add to my Equipment I have run across this Lens  its a “Sony DT 50mm f/1.8 Standard Fixed Focal Length Lens” and for $149.00 can’t do much better on price Can you ? now all i need to do is have the money to [Read More....]

Macro Filter Sets

Macro Filter Sets

So in late 2009 i picked up a set of 4 55mm magnification filters off of EBay for Cheap, I think I paid like $15.00. So when I got them I tried to use them and well it didn’t work like I had hoped (my fault it turns out) I had mistakenly switched my cameras [Read More....]