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Ansel Adam’s – Video

    If you are a fan of Ansel Adam’s Work you may want to check out this video its look at Ansel Adams’ Home and Darkroom. Very much worth the 17 Min to watch.   - David [Read More....]

A look back – 2004

A look back – 2004

Back in 2004 I was shooting film and managed to Capture this Photo below, I think it is still to this day one of my Favorite image I have Captured to date. [Read More....]

70 – 210 lens

The other day i found a Minolta lens at a local pawn show, it was a nice looking 70 – 210 (Not the beer can) so i get it home and i hook it up to the Camera and the Auto Focus did not work. you could hear it trying to but the servo in [Read More....]

Poll Back up

OK so i had to find A new polling plug-in for the poll the old one was not taking input so the poll is now back up on the lower right hand side of the blog enjoy - David Friend [Read More....]

New Poll

Please feel free to take a moment and fill out our newest poll “What Media is Better?” off on the lower right hand side of my blog. - David Friend [Read More....]