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Chase Jarvis Nikon D7000 – Ad

OK so as some of you know I am a big fan of FSTOPPERS.COM and the Video’s and information that there site hold’s so tonight I found a post that they have about the D7000 16 Mega Pixel 1080p Video a great camera for i think Amazon has it on sale for $1900.00 so anyway [Read More....]

$3 million class action settlement agreement – NEWS

Always treat your Employees fair or you could be in the same spot as Olan Mills Inc. Below is a Quote from a Artical I read this morning A federal court judge in Tennessee approved a $3 million class action settlement agreement last month between Olan Mills Inc. and employees–past and current–in four states as [Read More....]

Ideas for Using Twitter for Business

I came across this Great Link about how to Use Twitter for Business, and while reading i Thought that there would be some ideas in there that could even work for Personal Twittering so please have a look if you would like. Thank you - David Friend [Read More....]

Get us on the Go!

now you can stay up to date with our blog on your Blackberry, Iphone or Android phone by Opening you mobile web browser up and heading on over to our Mobile site @ Thank you for Reading my blog. - David Friend [Read More....]

Shoot with ANY Camera! – Video

Below is a Video Done by the guys at Showing that you don’t need a $$$ Camera to get Great photos. Have a look at the Video and also check out there post about the video on there site. The iPhone Fashion Shoot Thank you, - David Friend [Read More....]

I won Artist of the Week!

I won Artist of the Week!

My Winning images for Artist of the Week June 1 2010 on my profile there is - David [Read More....]

Making – Lighting Diagrams -Website

So in a never ending search for How-To info I came across this Website  Online Lighting Diagram Creator its a great tool for those that would like to save there  how they have a there lighting setup for a shoot with others etc. Its FREE and a Great tool just to Play around with. - [Read More....]

On my wish List!

so in a NEVER ending quest to better my Photography and add to my Equipment I have run across this Lens  its a “Sony DT 50mm f/1.8 Standard Fixed Focal Length Lens” and for $149.00 can’t do much better on price Can you ? now all i need to do is have the money to [Read More....]

My Online Store

I just opened up my Store online the items i have up are kinda Limited I will be adding more soon as i can, feel free to have a look, Comments and Feedback are welcomed Thank you - David Friend [Read More....]

A Timely Global Mosaic, Created by All of Us

This seems Like it could be a Good thing so i am Linking to it and Sharing it with all The readers of my Blog, Thanks to @JohnRicardnyc on twitter for Passing this Along. “Where will you be on Sunday, May 2, at 15:00 hours (U.T.C.) ? Wherever you are, we hope you’ll have a [Read More....]