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I Won AOTM (Artist of the Month) – June

I Won AOTM (Artist of the Month) – June

So I found out today that i won AOTM (Artist of the Month) for June 2010 on one of the Photography sites I am a member of Just wanted to share with my Readers. Have a Great day all. - David Friend [Read More....]

I won Artist of the Week!

I won Artist of the Week!

My Winning images for Artist of the Week June 1 2010 on my profile there is - David [Read More....]

Making – Lighting Diagrams -Website

So in a never ending search for How-To info I came across this Website  Online Lighting Diagram Creator its a great tool for those that would like to save there  how they have a there lighting setup for a shoot with others etc. Its FREE and a Great tool just to Play around with. - [Read More....]

5/19/2010 Photo Shoot – Sara D.

5/19/2010 Photo Shoot – Sara D.

So on 5/19/2010 I had the chance to do a Shoot with Sara D. from the MM site. We did the shoot at Siver lake Park in Everett, It was a nice and Sunny day for the shoot, Sara was a delight to work with. if you would like you can see a few Photo’s [Read More....]

Happy Mother’s Day

I just Wanted to wish all the moms that Read my Blog a Happy Mother’s Day. [Read More....]

My Online Store

I just opened up my Store online the items i have up are kinda Limited I will be adding more soon as i can, feel free to have a look, Comments and Feedback are welcomed Thank you - David Friend [Read More....]

Recent Seattle Trip

Recent Seattle Trip

Saturday I took a trip in to Seattle Walked around the Arboretum and then the Japanese Gardens and of course I took my Camera with me, I managed to snap a few photos of some flowers and trees and such please see the images with this post, Hope you enjoy them - David [Read More....]

Content-Aware Fill Sneak Peek – Video

Coming soon to Photoshop CS5 Read for more information - David [Read More....]

twitter test post

twitter test post [Read More....]

What’s New in Lightroom 3 beta 2 – Video

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