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Ansel Adam’s – Video

    If you are a fan of Ansel Adam’s Work you may want to check out this video its look at Ansel Adams’ Home and Darkroom. Very much worth the 17 Min to watch.   - David [Read More....]

Lighting for Tyra Banks photo shoot. – Video

Thought this would be a great video to share with my blog reader’s is photographer Matthew Jordan Smith talks and diagrams lighting for Tyra Banks photo shoot. [Read More....]

Chase Jarvis Nikon D7000 – Ad

OK so as some of you know I am a big fan of FSTOPPERS.COM and the Video’s and information that there site hold’s so tonight I found a post that they have about the D7000 16 Mega Pixel 1080p Video a great camera for i think Amazon has it on sale for $1900.00 so anyway [Read More....]

How To Make a HDR Image – Video

How To Make a HDR Image – Video

So the Other night i took 4 images of some BNSF Locomotives and Made a HDR Image from the images as seen below, After showing the image to a few People I was asked how i made the HDR image, So I decided to make a Video of how I made this image in the [Read More....]

Product Shooting! – Cookies

Product Shooting! – Cookies

Back in May 2010 I Blogged about how to make a Small Product shooting table, So in this post I would like to show you my use of this Table, so I setup the table on a Flat stable spot and then i set up my lighting, I had one Light Above the Product (Cookies) [Read More....]

Shoot with ANY Camera! – Video

Below is a Video Done by the guys at Showing that you don’t need a $$$ Camera to get Great photos. Have a look at the Video and also check out there post about the video on there site. The iPhone Fashion Shoot Thank you, - David Friend [Read More....]

Kingston Technology 4 GB Compact Flash Memory Card – Review

Kingston Technology 4 GB Compact Flash Memory Card – Review

Originally submitted at Adorama Kingston Technology 4 GB Compact Flash Memory Card Kingston Technology 4 GB Compact Flash Memory Card Good for the price By studio buyer from Spokane, Wa on 6/6/2010 4out of 5 Cons: Writes/reads slow Pros: Great Value, Reliable Performance, Easy To Use Best Uses: Portable images/multimedia, Storing images/multimedia [Read More....]

Making – Lighting Diagrams -Website

So in a never ending search for How-To info I came across this Website  Online Lighting Diagram Creator its a great tool for those that would like to save there  how they have a there lighting setup for a shoot with others etc. Its FREE and a Great tool just to Play around with. - [Read More....]

Product Shooting! – How To!

Product Shooting! – How To!

OK so I started thinking you know I really need a small easy way to shoot a small product if i wanted to so i thought and i thought some more and then i took a trip to Loews and found my way in to the Shelving and storage Section and hidden on one of [Read More....]

70 – 210 lens

The other day i found a Minolta lens at a local pawn show, it was a nice looking 70 – 210 (Not the beer can) so i get it home and i hook it up to the Camera and the Auto Focus did not work. you could hear it trying to but the servo in [Read More....]

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