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How To Make a HDR Image – Video

So the Other night i took 4 images of some BNSF Locomotives and Made a HDR Image from the images as seen below, After showing the image to a few People I was asked how i made the HDR image, So I decided to make a Video of how I made this image in the CS% Trial of Photoshop, It really is Simple and easy to do. my taste in HDR images is along the lines on Realism I am not a huge fan of the Surreal images you see with some of the HDR images you see today. I took 4 images all shot at 2:00 Am, Camera Settings where set at ISO 100, F/5.6 image #1 was Exposed for 59 Sec. #2 for 34Sec. #3 for 24 Sec. and #4 for 15Sec. ( I used the Cameras Bulb Setting), Camera was setup on a Tripod with a cable Release. Please have a look at the Video and all and let me know what you think.





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- David Friend


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