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Product Shooting! – Cookies

Back in May 2010 I Blogged about how to make a Small Product shooting table, So in this post I would like to show you my use of this Table, so I setup the table on a Flat stable spot and then i set up my lighting, I had one Light Above the Product (Cookies) and then I had one Light setup aimed at the plate about the level of the plate. the Camera was set to ISO 100 at F22 for 1/10 sec on the shutter shot All in RAW file format for the best control over the image in Post, The only adjustment I made to the image was in the curve a and that was like really a very slight change, and I got the image below

Yummy Cookies!

Yummy Cookies!

This is my First time shooting food so Please let me know what you think of the image :)

Items used Rundown

Shooting Table


1 sheet of Poster board

(Walmart $0.38 Each This allows you to make the DOF as in the photo Place part under the plate rest leans to the back of the Table)

1 Plate

(got mine at Walmart for $0.50)


(Picked up my Cookies for $2.99 at the Market)

and your lighting and your Camera and wala you should be able to Shoot Food Just as well as this in no time :)


- David


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