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Product Shooting! – How To!

OK so I started thinking you know I really need a small easy way to shoot a small product if i wanted to so i thought and i thought some more and then i took a trip to Loews and found my way in to the Shelving and storage Section and hidden on one of the End Caps was 3 different sizes of Particle Board that they sell  i think the prices started at like 3$ for the smallest and 5$ for the biggest they had there, so I got two of the small pieces and checked out, Next stop Walmart and i went to there paint Department and found the Cheap Spray paint they have there i think its like $0.96 a Can. It comes in Flat White  :) so i got my self 4 Cans of it (I suggest using a primer on wood before painting it, but i didn’t) next i got a few i think there 1 inch long or so and there diameter is just right to connect the two pieces together after paining and drying has happened. and that is all i did to get what is pictured below. its simple and easy to set on a table and set a light or to up over and around it and Shoot Shoot Shoot I might also Suggest that you take some white Caking and place it in the corner after the two are joined that can help provide a even Color  of white From the top down.

As you can see i need still have some work to do on mine but this should give you a idea of what can be done :)

Good luck!



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